Giving Up Control...

I did it! I gave up control…..of our honeymoon!! (very difficult for me and my OCDness)
I have no idea where we are going and I love it. I posted previously about not knowing where to go on our honeymoon here, here and then again here. I got so frustrated with the amount of choices and my desire for it to be absolutely perfect it was overwhelming. Add that on top of wedding planning and I was getting seriously stressed out.

So Mr. Gloss took over, with a few suggestions from myself of things I was hoping for-
My criteria: Someplace warm, where somebody will put a drink in my hand (preferably a margarita) and I won’t have to do anything all day long….unless I want to and in that case I want there to be a lot of options of things to do :)
My parents have offered to pay for our flights- so between my mom, Mr. Gloss and the travel agent I’m pretty sure they can come up with something wonderful. I get a few questions every so often about my ‘travel preferences’ from Mr. Gloss, like – ‘Are you planning on working out when we are there (ie do you want a nice gym)?’ or ‘Do you want there to be a TV in our room?’ And more logistical questions from my mom – ‘Should we book tickets in your new name?’

I’m packing a floppy hat, large sunglasses, and warm weather clothes no matter what.
I refuse to be told where we are going until we check-in at the airport, at which point I would like a travel guide for our location to read on the plane (*Hint Hint*).
I can’t handle surprises, I ALWAYS want to know what is going on, but for this one I am so excited!! and as of yesterday we are officially booked!!

Have you given up control over any part of your wedding and found it completely exhilarating?

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