Let me introduce you to the newest wedding related word in my vocabulary -
Snackrifice - giving up snacks to fit into that perfect (yet unforgiving) white dress


I've been trying to cut back on the snacking habits as of late but I'm SO bad at it. I have little to no willpower. Crackers and cheese are my weakest point. Rapidly followed by anything with sugar. I've tried, I swear.
I've done the brush your teeth a lot so nothing will taste very good and you wont eat trick. I learned I like things minty.
I've done the drink a glass of water before you eat so you will feel fuller trick. I haven't quite figured out the timing on this one, too soon and I don't get the effects of the fullness until I'm done eating. If I wait too long, I just have to pee.
I've tried not buying 'the bad things' .... but that really just makes me want them that much more.
I've thought about getting my jaw wired shut, but I REALLY like smoothies and it turns out smoothies with a banana base (which are the ones I like) have like 600 calories.....figures.

Anyone else have any snackrifice tips? Or are you just as bad at snackrifice as I am?


Krista said...

oh i know, snacking...my weakness! and just looking at the snack pictured makes me hungry...good thing all i have is fruit and salad for lunch haha

anna and the ring said...

Oh I'm afraid I can offer no advice. Do let us know if you solve this enigma!

P.S. New to your blog and will be checking out more!