the grand exit...

Maggie: What's your favorite thing you ever wore?

Dora: Ever?

Maggie: Yeah. In your whole life.

Dora: My going-away suit from my wedding. Black and white checks, very fitted. I felt like Jackie Kennedy in that suit.

I want that feeling.

I want to rush out of the doors wearing the perfect outfit, timeless and chic, to guests cheering our names and tossing rice. My new husband's arm will be locked with mine as we dash into the getaway car and drive off to our relaxing and exotic honeymoon location.

But then there is the other side........I don't want to leave the party!!

1. I've been planning this event for over a year now and want to fully enjoy all the hard work and long nights I've put in.

2. Our guests are traveling great distances (some which I don't get to see that often) and I want to spend as much time with them as possible!

3. I could absolutely see wanting to leave the reception early if we had never played twister before - because that would totally be worth ditching all our guests :) But that is not the case.

So anyways, there will be no amazing get-away pictures and we will probably be there until they make us leave (even though we got an amazing room).

Are you planning a fabulous get-away with a classic outfit? or are you going to stay until they kick you out?

Bonus Points if you can name the movie :)


Christy said...

Definitely staying till the end! I can't imagine leaving before all of our guests do.

Jessica said...

We're staying until the end - then leading the charge for the after party. I haven't ever had all these people I love in one place, at the same time, so I want to make it last as long as possible.

PS: the quote was "in her shoes" :)