Magic Wedding Fairies?

There is a strong disconnect with the reality of time in the Gloss household.

We are coming up on the two month mark…..THE TWO MONTH MARK!! I get all nervous and flustered when I hear it, while an ever expanding to do list races through my head.
I casually mentioned to Mr. Gloss the other night that the two-month mark is rapidly approaching and that we should really:
  1. Talk with the Caterer about Food Options
  2. Figure out Music for the Reception and Cocktail Hour
  3. Find a location for the Rehearsal Dinner (and figure out who’s coming)
  4. Figure out what readings we are doing (and other program relevant information)
And his response was – well, we have TWO WHOLE MONTHS! (Like that is a lot of time or something?!) Maybe he doesn’t grasp the vastness of the “To-Do” List or maybe he thinks magic wedding fairies just come and put everything together?
All I can say is that is becoming very frustrating to be the only one who wants to check things off the list NOW and not wait until the last minute.

Do you all have super helpful grooms? (or magic wedding fairies?)


Caroline said...

Some men are just like that...maybe you should talk to him a little more about it, tell him how you feel and really don't want to do it last minute. I'm sure he'll understand

Gaynor said...

emm that sounds fairly familiar! I reckon they just dont give it much thought, just assume it will be fine etc!
Hope you manage to get it all done! I haven't needed much help yet though as just at the choosing my dress stage!