the Receiving Line...

I’ve been thinking about our timeline lately and how I see the day progressing.
This has, in turn, brought up the debate about the Receiving Line.


Traditionally, you would greet all your guests as they exit the church after the ceremony, it takes a while, but it’s a great way to thank all your friends and family for being there to celebrate with you and be sure not to miss anyone.

The other common option is to visit all the tables and chat with your guests during dinner. Here’s the thing with that option – this girl likes her food :), and as much as I want to thank all my guests, I also really want to eat. So this is a mediocre option at best.

Since we are having the majority of our photos done prior to the ceremony we should have time to ‘enjoy’ our cocktail hour (less a few rounds of family pics) and I think this would be the perfect time to meet and greet all our guests (with a glass of celebratory champagne in hand of course)! This way our guests don’t have to ‘wait’ in line to talk to us and can go grab a cool beverage and enjoy the boat and lake while we make our rounds.

What do you think? Are you doing a traditional receiving line?


jessica lynn said...

hey! we actually did BOTH a receiving line at the church and we greated guests at their tables. We knew some people only came for the ceremony so we dismissed e/ pew row by row...i did my side and chris did his. it took under 5 minutes and it was worth every second. and, like every other bride and groom, we ate quick and hoofed it to each table. our guests got face time with us twice and appreciated it.

Christy said...

We are definitely planning on dismissing the pews at the church. I don't like the standard receiving lines, but this will allow us to see everyone!

AmyJean said...

I think we are doing both too... :)

Gaynor said...

We are planning on doing one but here in the UK it is usually done as the guests go into the reception room for dinner, so that is when we will too.

I do intend to get up during dinner to chat to some people but at least if we have spoken to everyone it wont matter if it doesnt happen (im also a girl who likes her food and i am an unbelievably slow eater).

blushingjoy said...

We are planning on greeting the guests at each table during the reception but now that you say I'll have to scoff down my food, I'm having second thoughts! I need to work on the program big time.

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