Wine Tasting and Wii

Over the weekend we had a few friends over for wine tasting and wii to determine what types of vino we should buy for the wedding. Eight bottles later, we really only remembered what the first two tasted like.....but we tried :)

We had selected wines by Robert Mondavi since this was one of our favorite vineyards when Mr. Gloss and I were in Napa Valley last year. We love the 'Private Selection' label, but he also has a 'Woodbridge' label which is a few $$ less per bottle. Saving $4 bottle when you are buying in bulk adds up pretty fast, so we wanted to make sure there was a true difference between the two bottles.

The first we tested/tasted were the two Pinot Grigios and there was an overwhelming response for the cheaper bottle! (yesss!)
Next up : Chardonay - We liked the more expensive bottle of Chardonay, but not better than the Pinot. We may only buy one white and one red to make things easier, but we haven't quite decided yet.

Then we moved to the reds. The two merlots were first, and the decision was split - (ugh!)
The Woodbridge line does not have a Pinot Noir varietal (and both Mr. Gloss and I are big fans of the Pinot Noir) so we tested this against a Cabernet Savignon. The Pinot won....I think....

There was only 1 wine glass casualty, unfortunately it was one of the $30 crystal ones and not one of the ones I picked up at the Dollar Store (only likely huh?).

So hive, what should we buy?
a) The Best White and The Best Red
b) Two Reds and Two Whites
c) The Best White and Two Reds

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