Long Weekend Vendor Bender...

We took advantage of the long weekend and made the trek up to Maine for a 'vendor bender'. Unfortunately, it was prom weekend, so the florists and salons were pretty busy!

We revisited our venue (Mr. Gloss had never actually been on the boat) and checked out where the tent would be located, bathroom/kitchen situation, etc.

They are cleaning up the boat for the season so there was 'stuff' everywhere - Maybe a little cute get-away gazebo to steal a private moment or two?

We also found a florist. We haven't signed a contract yet (awaiting quotes) but I have a good feeling about it!
We hired a bartender - (Cost: $20/hr.) Score!
I found someone to do my hair. She seems knowledgeable - I will definitely schedule a trial before the big day. (Cost: $25 for day of!!! not just the trial!! I was S H O C K E D)

Finally some people who don't charge you an arm and a leg to get married! Let me just say it was a nice change of pace :)

Have you been pleasantly surprised by any of your wedding costs?

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Caroline said...

WOW! I love the gazebo and the idea of adding white Christmas lights around...maybe add some lanterns too! The bartender and hair stylist- what a steal! Great job!