its overtaking our apartment!

Who knew weddings had so much STUFF? napkins, lanterns, batteries, glasses, gifts, decorations, and the list goes on.
As our date gets nearer and nearer our apartment is getting overwhelmed with wedding paraphernalia and gifts.
There is no longer any point in 'cleaning up' the weddingness when people come over - there is NO WHERE for it to go - I have already taken over the guest room (which you can barely walk through right now). There are no pictures of the room because it is that much of a disaster! The back of my car is filled with Cranberry Daquari mixers due to a spur of the moment shopping spree at Williams and Sonoma this weekend and we have numerous packages scheduled to arrive this week!! Some of the stuff has already made its trek up to Maine (vases, water bottles, jam jars, syrup bottles, some of the alcohol) and the rest will go up in July. I cannot wait to have it out of here!

I know wedding planning commonly takes over your life as the date nears, but is it taking over your home too?!

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Krista said...

yep, it overtook our place. and it still has (with gifts and things to put away and thank you notes strewn everywhere.)