Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Wedding Party Photos

After our first look we got started on shots of our fabulous bridal party.

Never one to forget anything my MOH remembered to bring everyone's flowers out -
Look how excited they got!

Flowers in hand - session commenced.
First up - classic prom poses :)

and vogue ... you know we belong in a JCrew ad ;)

There are about 200 more where these came from but you only need to see a few right?  Four will suffice to prove we have amazing friends who love us and will wear navy wool blazers and long sleeve shirts and pants in the 2 o'clock in the afternoon in 80 degree weather - mmm yeah - our bridal party rocked.

Ladies first of course...

Aren't my friends gorgeous?

And the boys....looking so GQ.


Is that is?! Are we ready to get married yet?!
(not quite, Mr. Gloss and I snuck off for a mini photo-session, while our friends continued to...hydrate)

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


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Nicole-Lynn said...

Love everything. So pretty! The groom and groomsmen look awesome! :)

The Thirty-Something Bride said...

How is it that I just found your blog????