Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Putting on My Party Dress

Gently suspended from her monogrammed hanger, there she was....my party dress. A delicious creation made by the one and only Melissa Sweet hanging out in the window, just waiting to be put on and twirl the night away.

I unzipped her....

....and stepped in to the last dress I would ever wear as 'Miss' Gloss.

There was some finagling in order to not give our photog a full on frontal. My girls formed some sort of protective circle around me and initiated a complex dressing sequence - one to hold the veil, two to pull off my dress without ruining my hair, one to keep the wedding dress up and one to supervise.

I was on the other end making sure the ladies didn't jump out...

...and then they started to zip.

*interupts to say* Man, my back totally looks ripped in this pic. I'm pretty sure it doesn't normally look like that, but then again, I guess I don't see it that often. Continue with soft, pudgy back pics below...

And this would be my 'OMG are we done!? am I really a bride now?! I'm so excited!' face.

After the addition of a few accessories...

...I was ready to put on my shoes in all their bright yellow, Cole Haan loveliness.

One final look-over in the mirror and I thought I was ready, until....

...I felt a slight breeze, looked back, and....
....noticed my wedding party was under my dress. They were quote: "Just making sure they knew how to bustle it later"...but I'm pretty sure they were just sneak'n one last peak before I was officially a married lady ;).

One more adjustment confirmed my ladies wouldn't be trying to make an escape in the next 20 minutes and I was ready to go!

Erica and I went out onto the porch to take a few bridal shots before the guys arrived.

We had a fantastic view of the lake I would be getting married on shortly -

Then we heard the guys pull in and I went into hiding for a few more moments until our photographers worked out the details for our first look.

10 points to whomever can tell me which bee lent me one of my two somethings bee-orrowed shown in the photo above :)

*all photos by Erica Lyn Photography

Nearly Nautical Nuptials : Glossy Gals Get Ready


Princess Christy said...

You are such a gorgeous bride! Your wedding party looks fabulous - what a helpful bunch of ladies!

Halsey said...

Beautiful pictures!