Nearly Nautical Nuptials : A Few Moments Alone

After a few bridal party photos (alright, maybe it was more than a few). Mr. Gloss and I snuck away for a few photos of our own.

The shots in the Adirondack chairs are my favorite, and I don't think it would feel like a true Maine wedding without them!

And the view isn't that bad either ;). 

Although it looks as if we are looking lovingly out at the view in the photo below, Mr. Gloss is actually staring at the canon and discussing how much fun it would be to shoot it off. 
Me: 'No, I'm not going to ask if they will let you shoot off the canon..."

The PDA came a little more naturally when all our friends and family weren't around -



While I may look blissful and composed, about now I am freaking out (albiet, in my mind) about the time. I should have sewn a pocket for my blackberry into my dress. Not that I would've been chatt'n it up on my wedding day, but it gives me a sense of security - and I would've known what time it was. Fortunately our photogs were awesome and we were right on time! We piled myself and my dress into my MOH's Jeep and it I basically felt like a giant snowball in the passenger seat.  Word on the street is that we got some looks while driving, I wouldn't know since I was up to my eyeballs in dress.

The plan was to get on the boat by 3:30. The boat was scheduled to leave at 4:30, we figured guests would start arriving around 4. But when we got there (3:30ish) guests were already there! an hour early!  I made my dad drive me aproximately 50' from the parking lot to 4' from the entry of the boat where I got out and dashed up the ramp.  It was more of a diversion technique, I'm really not that lazy I swear!

I tried to sneak onto the boat as best I could without being seen, but I’m pretty sure I was spotted :).

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


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Coachdad said...

What beautiful pics and scenery!

Halsey said...

Very pretty pictures, you looked beautiful!!