Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Glossy Gals Get Ready

All I wanted was a good night sleep the day before our wedding. I wanted to be relaxed and ready and not stressed, but mostly I didn't want dark circles under my eyes. So after the rehearsal dinner (and maybe two bars) my MOH and I headed to the Blair Hill Inn where I proceeded to fall into the most delicious bed ever. In spite of this, I slept for maybe 2 hours the entire night....I was waaay too excited, and OH SO anxious. At 3:45 AM I did, however, remember that I had not in fact paid our florist yet, so I guess some good came out of it?

Anyways, I'm the worst bee ever and totally forgot to take pictures of the room or the AMAZING breakfast that was served to us the next morning. The owners (Dan and Ruth) were absolutely amazing - it was like we were the only ones there and that we were more like old friends not just guests. Ruth brought us out celebratory mimosas on the house with our breakfast and my wedding day officially began!

There were quite a few steps before this:

So lets rewind a little bit....

One of the drawbacks of getting hitched in a small town is lack of options. There are only a few salons in the area and although my trial went fantastic there was only one stylist....for the whole salon. So to get 6 heads done by quarter of two (three of which have A LOT of hair) we started early, 8AM to be exact.

We sort of took over the salon - painted our nails, waited for them to dry. Steamed the dresses, put on our faces and had a little lunch via a quaint picnic on the floor.

Meanwhile, someone was always in the chair....I think Glossy Gal M was getting her hair pulled at this point......or someone said something humorous....probably the former.

Although I totally forgot actual sustenance and the girls had to run out to get lunch I did bring champagne! Yep, those are cans of champagne.....just to keep it classy ;) and yes they are pink and come with straws - perfect right?

Then it was my turn in the chair. My hair was twisted and curled and pinned (lots of pins!), we added my something old (a vintage milk-glass broach that I turned into a barrette), Glossy Gal E grabbed my veil, we added some more pins and the first stage of my bridal transformation was complete!

We rushed back to the Blair Hill Inn (I think we were only a few minutes late) where we met our photographer Erica Lyn and started officially 'getting ready'.

My lovely ladies got dressed first.

There was a bit of debate as to how they should tie their sashes, and much assistance required.

They helped each other put on their jewelery.

Sometimes I had no idea what was going on....but I know I was having a blast.

And then I think everyone busted out a lint brush because those dresses picked up everything! How many lint brushes can you find in this picture?

This little lady was hanging in the window the whole time and I was itching to put her on 'officially'.....

Up Next- I Put on My Party Dress

*salon images by me
*all good pictures by Erica Lyn Photography

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