Black, White & Chic All Over

I have a confession, I'm married - but I'm not over wedding planning! Apparently I didn't get it out of my system, and I can't say Mr. Gloss is going to be happy about that one when I ask to plan another party. It could get really out of control ;) , so for now I'll resign to fake-planning other people's weddings.
One of my MOH's good friends is getting married next summer AND an avid WB stalker (although who wouldn't be?). So at my MOH's wedding recently, we had a little wedding conference in the 'cocktail area' while the boys watched and rolled their eyes (they were totally just jealous). Anyways - she started dishing about their plans - a black and white tented cocktail reception on her grandparents property (which apparently is castle-esque) and then the wheels started spinning....

Enter : Black, White and Chic All Over

I'm picturing an all white reception (white tent/white linens/white serving dishes) with a few black accents for punch. Since it's a cocktail reception and sit-down tables probably wont be provided, it would be great to have more of a 'lounge area' where people could sit and chat (with all white furniture of course).
The bride would carry a gorgeous white anemone bouquet wrapped in black silk. The bridesmaids and hightop cocktail tables would have lush bunches of either hydrangea or baby's breath.
I would do a silhouette theme for the event - to be translated to cocktail napkins, programs, the cake and obviously the invitations. It's such a simple, timeless and classic concept.
Near the end of the night the waiters would bring around oreo cookies set on top of shot glasses filled with milk as a little midnight snack!

How did you fill your wedding planning void?

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