Nearly Nautical Nuptials: Glossy Gift Exchange

While we were still sequestered away in our separate hotels we exchanged our gifts.

I forced Mr. Gloss to write me a sweet, heart felt note about how much he loved me. No really, I gave him the card to write it on and everything -

He gave me a beautiful jewelery box from Pottery Barn (which I like the believe comes with a lifetime promise to fill it with more shiny things). *cough*diamond studs*cough*

I wrote him a note (knowing he would probably skim it, hoping he would keep it to read later). He totally lost it. At least he pretended to read it for the photographer.

And then he opened his 'gift'.

Which happened to be a new acoustic electric guitar. I wrapped it well huh? I didn't want to lug it up to Maine so I gave him a guitar IOU and some new picks in his favorite color.

Look how excited he got!

What are you giving your groom?

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


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Wheresmydessert said...

Wow, you each got each other awesome gifts!