Nearly Nautical Nuptials: First Look

After the guys arrived, our photogs quickly worked out the details of where our first look should take place (the lawn) and confirmed that I was ready to see my groom (I was). They arranged our bridal party in a haphazard-esque circle around Mr. Gloss, who’s back was toward me.

*Pardon the interruption, but I need to set the scene a little more…On the weekends, in the summer, the Blair Hill Inn has outdoor concerts. At this point I was hardly focused on anything but myself, but I did note what looked like a band rehearsal out of the corner of my eye as we were preparing for our first look. As our photographer motioned for me to start my walk the band started playing (totally coincidental!). And what were they playing you ask? Oh, it just happened to be At Last by Etta James – could not be more perfect for a couple that has dated almost a decade right!?

Here I was walking towards my groom with a small trio of beautiful music guiding me – seriously, this was like planets aligning and jackpot signs lining up, at that point I knew it was going to be a perfect day no matter what happened.

He started to turn...

...and we hugged.

Thinking back about it know, I wish we had done this alone. Neither Mr. Gloss, nor I, are one to express emotion in front of others and I think we both sort of avoided the situation by a) not looking at each other for more than like 2 seconds and b) not really acknowledging what exactly was happening, so we wouldn’t get all teary-eyed.

So after we hugged, instead of sharing an intimate moment together, I backed away and was like….’uh, so, what happens now?’

I was really thinking, this is so awkward to have everyone looking at us...maybe I'll just play with my dress a little more.

Nice right?

I would’ve stayed close to him for much longer, maybe some nice words would’ve been uttered, (and we might’ve even kissed!) had ALL our best friends not been staring at us, (in case you didn’t notice we aren’t too big on PDAing). In fact, we were practically FORCED to kiss during our ceremony rehearsal by our families (I think this stems from the fact that we started dating in HighSchool and we weren’t really ‘allowed’ to kiss, let alone in front of our families!).

Whatever, you live and you learn…

…and then he goes in for the kill when he thinks no one is looking.

We took shots of our fabulous bridal party next!

*photos by Erica Lyn Photography


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Halsey said...

Aww! You guys are so cute together.

Wedding Reception said...

I love these shots! Great work by the photographer!