Can't Lose this List...

I love making lists. I make lists of lists.
I am also, unfortunately, very likely to lose said lists.

With the wedding only one month away (eep!) these lists are becoming more and more precious. Lists of things left to do, things to remember to bring, people I need to call, etc. So I’ve made my lists digital –

Enter the brilliance of Google. They already have reader (best thing ever!), and the ability to share documents and calendars (so helpful!) and now they have TASKS. I’ve basically gone and entered everything left on my Knot checklists, checklists from my DOC’s and other random things I think of during the day. The benefit of having them synched with my google account is that they are right there, staring me in the face all day looming over my head saying ‘complete me’ :).

You can check them off when they are completed (such a good feeling!), set deadlines, add notes and make multiple lists.

Are you a list keeper? How do you keep track of upcoming wedding tasks?


Bridechka said...

Oooh this is great, google thinks of everything!

Juliet said...

I was so excited when I switched from Outlook to Google and found they had a task list! I am a list person too so this is helpful!