Some of you super observant readers noticed my new Bio picture and guessed that we FINALLY had our engagement pictures taken and you were right! I’m under strict orders from the mister that these pictures not get plastered around the internet…..but I couldn’t hold out from you guys. So I figured I could post just a few of my favorites, and deal with any consequences later :).

Originally we had not intended to get e-shots taken. We didn’t think we would use them for anything and that it would be a waste of money, oh and Mr. Gloss HATES having his picture taken. One day I was mindlessly wandering through the WB Classifieds and came across a post for free engagement session in Boston with Nicole Chan. At this point I was regretting not getting any pictures taken previously because I wanted to use them for our guestbook, and I also thought it would be good practice to be in front of a camera and additionally, I wanted test out how my ‘wedding-day make-up’ actually photographed. So I dragged Mr. Gloss down to the Boston aquarium on 4th of July weekend thinking that everyone would have left the city for the holiday since we typically do. I convinced him it would be empty and no one would see him getting his picture taken. Boy was I wrong. The city was packed since it was one of the first nice (ie not raining) days of the whole summer!

So Nicole and her assistant showed up and we tried to erase the scowl off Mr. Gloss’ face. It took a little while, but eventually he warmed up :). She was a pleasure to work with – neither of us are very comfortable in front of the camera, but by the end we felt much more open and were really enjoying it (well probably me more than the mister). Some of my favorite shots are definitely the out-takes with the genuine smiles, rather than posed, which completely confirms my decision to go with a ‘documentary style’ photographer for our wedding pictures.

So without further ado a few pictures from the lovely Nicole Chan*:
*all images are captured and processed by Nicole, but I did a little additional post-processing so don’t hold it against her!

Did you have engagement pictures taken? What were your reasons?


Princess Christy said...

Love yours! Can't wait to see what we get to do about ours...

Newport Nuptials said...

They look great! Your eyes really pop!

Nicole-Lynn said...

They turned out great!