the Duties of a Bridesmaid...

I know we’ve all heard (or experienced) stories about Brides demanding ridiculous things from their bridal entourage (aka bridetourage). I love my girls and want them to look and feel as amazing as I do when the big day rolls around. For dresses I chose about six or seven dresses from J.Crew and told them they could chose whatever style they liked. Of course they all ended up choosing the same dress :) (but I didn’t push it, I swear!). So when it came time for shoes I left it up to them. I said I would like them to be yellow, to add a little POP to their ensembles.

Setting: MOH and I are having an internet shoe searching date. I suggest about 4 normal pairs and throw in the pair below (sent to me a few days prior by Glossy Gal K).

MOH proceeds to fall out of her chair laughing and comments that she thinks her grandmother has them. She then decides to sent an email to the rest of the bridetourage with a link saying the following.

“Ok Ladies... I finally did it and took the plunge. I ordered my final choice for shoes this evening... Thanks to Glossy Gal K for discovering them!!! They're running short on sizes so order fast if you want to get a pair like this too!!!”

Glossy Gal K immediately responds : “Don't you LOVEEEE them? I'm so excited that they're perfect for the wedding, walking on water, and possibly running a marathon.”

---------the next morning------

Enter email from Glossy Gal A: “I had already bought my shoes, and to be honest, I don’t like these at all. But if you really like them, and that’s what everyone else is getting, then I will buy them.”

Um, what?! You would pay $100 for lace-up, yellow, cork, platform, sneaker shoes and wear them for me? Awwwwww
Obviously these are NOT the shoes the girls are wearing, but how dedicated/awesome is my bridetourage?

Have you ever had to wear something ridiculous for a wedding?


Dreamer said...

I haven't, but my sister has. My sister... doesn't take after our tall and skinny part of the family. And yet, on our cousins wedding day, she was standing at the front of the church in a weird shade of lilac purple, with a tea length skirt (a huge NO for people of her body type) that had polka dots on it. It may not sound bad, but in practice... it was. It really was. I'm all for letting my gals choose their own dresses. In fact, my goal is to find a dress that my sister will look FABULOUS in. That is the main goal for my (eventual) bridal party.

Dreamer said...

Oh, and I tagged you, if your are so inclined.

Nicole said...

haha.. very funny those shoes are. I chose a black simple v-neck dress from Jcrew..sophia? i believe...2 of the BMs just had a kid! So their boobs were big ;) i felt this dress was a safe choice...

Krista said...

So sweet of her! What a good friend!

Can she return them?

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry, we didn't actually let her buy them!

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