Confessions of a Plan-A-Holic...

Hi my name is Miss Gloss and I am a plan-a-holic.

I have to think through every detail, understand every ounce of how my vision will come together before I can fully commit to a plan.

One of the benefits of having a tent wedding is that I get a blank slate. I don't have to buy into any one else's idea of decor, I can do whatever I want- make my own space. (Believe me a tented wedding was no accident!)

I recently came up with a few diagrams to help explain my concept for our 'space' and so our vendors would know where they are expected to set up.

Diagram 1 : the TableScape (click on any image to make larger)

Diagram 2: the Floor Plan

Diagram 3: the Ceiling Plan
Did you/Will you create detailed diagrams of your plans to ensure your day comes out exactly as you envisioned it?


Steffanie said...

From one planner to another - What program are you using to create your floor plans? I am just starting to experiment and love the look of what you are using.

Anonymous said...

The layout was done in AutoCAD (an architectural program) and then I colored it in Illustrator (because I'm OCD like that) ;)

Gaynor said...

I can totally see myself doing the same - definitely for the floor plan so I can figure out where people will sit in relation to other tables etc, then for each table and I also love the idea of doing it for the table settings too. There is some use to being able to use AutoCAD!

I plan to make a separate box for each table to give to my venue and include a plan of each table & setting along with the placecards, table names & favours for that table.

Anonymous said...

great idea!! thank you!