A Deserving Dress Hanger....part Two!

I already made one ‘hanger cover’ for my dress, but in the meantime I had come across this board post by MrsPaetz, and got motivated to make cute initialed hangers for all the ladies (aka. the Glossy Gals). I figured making them for the boys would be a waste of time, because lets face it, I’m going to be happy if they remember to bring their pants.

So, when I went to pick up my dress (she is now back in my possession!) and realized I was already more than halfway to Ikea I figured I’d just pop over and grab some white hangers. If you have ever been to Ikea you know how long it can take to make it through that store – even if you have just one item you are planning on getting :). Minutes after my decision was made, as if on cue, I get a text–

7:20 PM – Mr. Gloss: Where are you?
7:21 PM – Going to Ikea, be home never.
7:23 PM – Mr. Gloss : NOOOOOOOOO

I can spend HOURS (days if they would let me) in that place and spend way too much $$, all too common knowledge for Mr. Gloss.
So, I snatched up some napkins/candles/votives/ and a variety of other things I in no way needed, and oh yeah, the hangers I went to buy :).

I printed out some snazzy initials to transfer onto the hangers and then used a super old school method to transfer the letters onto the hangers.

1. Shade the back of the paper with a pencil.
2. Tape letter onto hanger and trace outline of letter.
3. Remove paper and start coloring in your letter. (I used a fine-tip black sharpie).
4. Et Voila!!

What great tutorials/ideas have you found on the boards?

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honey my heart said...

love the hangers!! i decorated a few wooden hangers w/ arts & craft supplies but initials are definitely great :)