Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

I have something old- vintage broach turned hair clip.

I have something new- (well many somethings actually :), take your pick)

I'm lacking something borrowed,

And maybe something blue- (I have a pair of blue VS 'bridal' undies that I will probably wear)

Obviously I googled 'something borrowed' to figure out what I should be looking for and got this:

"Something borrowed" should be an item from a happily married woman. The borrowing will give the new bride good luck, (which is why the "loaner" needs to be a happily married woman). "Something borrowed" also reminds the new bride to look to her friends and family when she needs help.

What have you/will you borrow? Did it mean something special to you?


Krista said...

I couldn't figure out what to borrow. The day of the wedding, I mentioned to my mom I didn't have anything borrowed. She said many brides wear a brooch pinned somewhere on their dress - as obvious on inconspicuous as they want. She didn't say much else, then when she was getting her lipstick, she came back with a gold bracelet of hers for me to borrow! So that was my something borrowed!

Meagan with an A said...

I am borrowing my mom's veil as well as the little satin buttons from her dress that we're adding to mine. A friend borrowed a ring from me on her big day. Does someone have a bracelet or necklace you can wrap around your bouquet?

Nicole said...

My Godmother gave me her Mother's hankerchief..i pinned it in my dress. I was close with her mom...she was like my other Grandmother..so it meant even more!