Signature Drink #1 - Check!!

While browsing around Williams Sonoma this past weekend I happened upon our first signature drink....the Cranberry Daiquiri. The description reads "the classic daiquiri gets a citrus twist in the cranberry-orange pairing".....um, what? the cranberry/orange combo is my faaaavorite. Since we hadn't really thought about what we wanted to serve and this sounded delicious we quickly scooped up 15 bottles. My MOH (being the awesome gal she is) was fully prepared to carry these bottles throughout the rest of the mall - hows that for dedication? (Don't worry, I asked to pick them up out back ;), they were super heavy!) So now, we have one drink checked off our list - I'm working on the second one and thinking something lemon-y and blueberry-y.

I also need to come up with some way to serve them. The really large (3 gallon) infusion jars with spigots are more $$ than we would like to spend (ie I don't really need two $120 jars sitting in the basement after the wedding).
So Hive, I turn to you for your help - Are you having signature drinks? If so, how are you serving them?


sneffik said...

Hey! Congrats on finding a signature drink! This is just a suggestion, but I bought two large drink jars with spigots on them at Costco for $20 each. They are HUGE! They aren't as nice as glass jars but they aren't terribly tacky either. They are clear and I believe made from acrylic. If I can find a pic I will send it to you. They are currently being stored at my mom's house so I can't take a pic myself.

Dreamer said...

Just stopping in to say I really like your blog! And orange-cranberry does sound really yummy!