Upcoming Bachelorette Weekend!

The ever fabulous Glossy Gals have put together a little shin-dig in honor of little 'ol me *blush*. They have done an amazing job keeping secrets about what is happening, which makes me very excited mixed in with just a smidge of nervousness :). I'm sure whatever they have planned is going to be excessively fabulous but I still get a little nervous when I think of the possibility of potential male genitalia everywhere.
I got a little preview of this weekends festivities yesterday when this arrived:

And I can only hope to look that cute all passed out with my bottle :)

Little do they know, I have a little surprise for them (which I will be sure to share with you all on Monday!).

Did your girls go above and beyond to celebrate your big day?


Dreamer said...

I was actually downtown the other weekend and saw these girls totally decked out in 80's finery- shoulder-padded prom dresses and all. They were out for a bachlorette party, and I was in awe.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

great photo! Have fun!!!