100 Days Out...

Today, we are officially 100 days out....yikes! While a lot of the big stuff is done there are a few things looming over my head that have yet to be touched.

1. Florist - I'm not really concerned about centerpieces since we are just doing single stems in these vases. (Seems pretty easy to DIY right?) Bouquets are another item all together, I think I am waaay to anal to be able to pull these together myself and have them look acceptable. I've been procrastinating on this since none of the florists in the area have websites (which is how I have done a majority of my research) and I haven't been back to Maine since Christmas.

2. Menu - We have not yet told our caterer what she will be cooking for the big day because we haven't been able to decide. Although, since we are having a buffet the information doesn't need to be printed on the RSVP cards so I think it can wait a little longer.

3. Hairstylist (and hairstyle for that matter) - My hair is naturally very curly and I'm really nervous about the heat in August. Plus, I don't know of any great stylists in the area where we are getting married and am really nervous to end up with 80's prom hair.

4. Honeymoon - We have gotten nowhere with this one due to the hurricane season/swine flu combo. This one is on Mr. Gloss' plate -

What was left on your list at 100 days out?