The Glossy Invitations: Edge Painting FAQ

So, I filled you in on the overall design basics - Now, it's time for the details!!

The edge painting was one of my most favorite things about the invites. It adds in a pop of color without making the invitations too busy and it was SO easy!!

Bottle of Acrylic Craft Paint in bright yellow ~ $4 @ Michaels
1.5" Foam Brush ~ $0.59 @ Michaels
I used a foam brush instead of a typical paint brush because I figured the bristles would get paint all over the front of the invites - the foam brush still did this a little but it was much less noticeable and only on the outer invite. I painted them in small groups, rather than individually, which would have taken forever!! I did two sides at a time, waited for them to dry, and then did the other two. I definitely recommend having professionally cut paper if you are going to paint your edges, any size discrepancies would have caused the paint to be transferred to the sides of the invitation when they were being painted in a group. And thats it!! It honestly didn't even really take that long, little effort - big impact is my kind of DIY :)

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Lucky Designs said...

I love this idea! Your invitations are lovely.