MOB Dress Shopping...

My mom was in town this weekend to help me with the invitations (a post is coming soon I promise!) and to celebrate mother's day, so we took advantage of our time together and decided to search for her wedding day dress! In my mind, my mom is wearing a short dress in some type of champagne-y color or maybe a light taupe or oyster? We looked everywhere for something in a style like this:

A simple sheath dress with cute bolero......shouldn't be too hard right?


Some of our favorites were:

Option#1: This little bridesmaid dress is from Ann Taylor, at almost $300 its a little more than we were looking to spend but still a contender. BTW it looks way better on my mom (and the mannequin for that matter) than it does on the model above.

Option #2: She tried on this dress at Banana Republic in navy, I really didn't think I would like it - but it was actually a nice mix of conservative mom in the front and then sexy party in the back. It was really quite cute, but she didn't think she should wear navy since my bridesmaids are.


Option #3: We found this little sheath at Lord and Taylor, but they didn't have the size we needed (of course). You can't really tell from the picture, but there was threads of gold throughout and an interesting texture/design. We liked that it was simple and classic.

Option #4: (the first image) is by Tahari and they didn't have this style at the two Nordstroms visited.

Needless to say, we left empty handed. So, I have two questions for you:
1. What color is your mom wearing? and
2. Where did you end up finding her dress?


Christy said...

My mom plans to wear black, as does my fiance's mom. They will fit right into our scheme, although neither one have found a dress yet!

Amanda said...

My mom will be wearing a light blue bridesmaid dress from Dessy. Light blue is accent color at my wedding that is being used only in very minute details, so it will be very nice. My fiance's mom chose a red dress, which is one of my main colors. It looks great! And they will look great together!

I read your post about 10 minutes ago and then I was over at Jones New York just browsing dresses for my rehearsal dinner and came across this:

It might be too light in color for what you were looking for, but I thought of your post, so thought I'd come suggest it! :)

Good luck in your search!

pollicino said...

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Kiana said...

My mom is wearing a dress with a black skirt and white top - it's classic, yet modern...pretty sure she found it at Macy's. Tough time to shop though b/c of prom!

Ruby said...

Awesome dresses collection!! I like the design of Banana Republic red dress!! It is best for ant special occasion!!