The Glossy Invitations...Are DONE!

What do you get when you combine a graphic design loving bride with ultra luxurious Crane Letterpress paper, a bottle of yellow paint and a gocco?

If you were thinking “Miss Gloss’ invitations” you are absolutely right!

If you were thinking “a huge mess that took over multiple rooms, 2 rolls of paper towels, a ruined carpet and lots of stained clothing” you are also absolutely right!

But they are D O N E, and I love them. Loooove them.

And it seriously pained me to have to blur things! So sorry!!

I haven't even put them in the mail yet - so you guys are getting the first glimpse because I couldn't wait to share them any longer :)

So here is a little bit bigger sneak peak, to be followed by DIY tutorials with details!

Tutorials forthcoming:

Invite Design Basics

Edge Painting FAQ

Useful Gocco Tips

Embossing & Wax Sealing 101

So stay tuned!!!


Krista said...

Maybe you already said it, and I missed it, but ... What is that font? It's so fun!

Anonymous said...

@ Krista : they are from Fonts for Peas - I can't remember which name it is but they are all here:
and FREE!!