Garments for the Glossy Guys...

Mr. Gloss is not going to be wearing a tux when our big day rolls around. It's going to hot and he does not deal well with heat. Plus he HATES, haaaates 'dressing up' *sidenote: he 100% told me he would wear one and be happy in it if I wanted him to...awww*. But it's just as much his day as it is mine, and I want him to feel comfortable! We toyed with the idea of having him and the groomsman wear suits for a while, but ultimately decided to have them wear navy blazers and khakis.

Casual, nautical and totally re-wearable! I think every guy should own a navy blazer, it's like a perfect Little Black Dress for boys.
Mr. Gloss was a little nervous at first, he didn't want it to be too 'sailory' as he called it - but we found blazers with pewter colored buttons instead of the typical gold buttons and he feels much better about it now (or at least he says he does!).

Similar to the picture above we bought navy ties for the guys:
The groomsman tie is from Brooks Brothers and is pictured on left, we were going to have all the guys wear the same tie (including Mr. Gloss), but then I found the tie on the right at JCrew and started to think that maybe Mr. Gloss wanted to have a different tie to stand out a little bit.

So what should he wear??

a) The Brooks Brothers tie to match the groomsman.
b) The different JCrew tie to stand out.
c) A different tie than the groomsman, but not the JCrew one above.
d) Bring them both and wear whichever one is less wrinkly by the time it gets unpacked!

What are your guys wearing for the big day?

Images: 1, tie images by me


Nicole-Lynn said...

I like the J. Crew tie so he can stand out... I like that idea. :)
I think the navy blazers are great, especially for a nautical themed wedding!

Christy said...

I like the second one - it perfectly compliments the one the GM will be wearing!