Thank You USPS...

My mom is coming into town this weekend to help me finish up the invitations so I went out and purchased stamps this morning. I brought a mockup of our invite to the post office and had them weight it because I had an inkling our invites might weight more than 1oz. which would require extra postage….and I was right :(. While I was there, I snatched up some of the forever stamps since they will go up in price on Monday for our RSVP envelopes and checked out the options for 2oz. stamps after the price increase.

Every cloud has a silver lining right? If my invitations didn’t weigh so much I wouldn’t be able to use this super cute new ‘wedding’ stamp without feeling frivolous throwing extra money away on stamps.

I’m pretty excited to pop this bad boy onto our invites – I was so over the heart stamp.
They also have some other new ‘wedding’ designs that are quite cute:

So, Thank You United States Postal Service for getting some decent wedding stamps for those of us who cannot fit Zazzle custom stamps into our budgets :)

Are you excited about the new stamp designs even though they are two cents more?

*all images from usps.com

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honey my heart said...

i was a bit afraid of having to use forever stamps, but now i'm happy there are cute wedding stamps. the king & queen of hearts is awesome.