The Perfect Accessories...

I have been searching for the perfect jewelery to go with my dress for what seems like ages now! I LOVE a lot of sparkle, but my dress isn't blingy at all and neither is our venue. I didn't want to wear my basic pearl studs (a birthday gift from Mr. Gloss) since I wear those almost everyday anyways. I wanted something a little more special and had the hardest time finding it!

Well, I was cruising around Etsy (surprise surprise right?) and found my perfect earrings with a matching necklace. They had pearls and crystals and were the perfect length - I immediately fell in love and decided to purchase them the next morning at work (my home computer has a terrible virus and I get nervous to transmit any banking info).

So, imagine my extreme dissapointment when I arrived at work this morning and they were SOLD!! I almost cried, the Etsy seller had a note on her site that due to her present workload she was only accepting custom orders for 3+ bridal party pieces. Ah, I had the perfect accessories and they escaped my clutches!!
I quickly messaged CindyV my plea for her to make me another set. She responded and said she would happily make me another set!

So- let me present the latest in a long line of 'wedding' related purchases:
I also asked if she could make a matching bracelet.....and she happily responded YES!Cindy's designs are lovely, she was a pleasure to work with and very affordable! I can't wait till my next fitting to try them on with my dress!

Have you found the perfect accessories yet?

*All pictures taken from CindyV's etsy shop

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