One Year Ago...

Almost one year ago Mr. Gloss bent down on one knee, said some sweet words (which I wish I could remember) and handed me a box with a diamond ring inside.
obligatory ring shot by yours truly

I don't think I ever shared our engagement story with the hive so I thought I'd give you a little recap in honor of our almost engage-a-versary.

Setting the Scene:
  • Mr. Gloss and I had been house hunting for a little while, so each day at work Mr. Gloss would send me links to properties he liked to see what I thought.
  • The night before 'E-Day' he told me we were going out to with some friends downtown (Boston) to celebrate the fact that two of our friends had just finished their first year of grad. school. I work downtown so I will usually just hang out in the city rather than coming back to our apartment and then turning around and heading right back in, therefore I usually wear something work/night appropriate.
How it Happened :
At about 3:00 on 'E-Day' (which was a Friday), I got an email with a link to a property, I clicked on it and while scrolling through the pictures I recognized a few of them as ones we had taken together at a park we used to work at growing up. The last image had directions to meet him at the end of Long Wharf in Boston. So I walked (maybe a little fast :) ) to the wharf and there he was, standing there waiting for me. All I can really remember after that was this:

Me: 'Hi'
Him: 'Hi......do you want to be embarrassed?'
Me: 'Um....no - not really'

At this point he pulled me behind one of the brick pillars so we were hidden from the view of everyone hanging out on the wharf and proposed. I cried, the ring was huge (note: plastic rings at target are not good indicators of actual ring size) and my hands were shaking. He had made dinner plans at Mare, a Italian restaurant in the North End, so we walked towards the restaurant.....I'm pretty sure I didn't stop looking at my ring the whole time :). So we ate good food, drank good wine and obviously followed it with gelato :) When we arrived back in our apartment he had a bottle of wine he had been saving since I lived in Italy and he had come to visit me. So we relaxed with more delicious wine and called our parents and told them the good news!

In honor of our 'E-Day' I want to do something special for Mr. Gloss - any suggestions?!
Are you planning on celebrating your engage-a-versary?


Christy said...

I wish we had done something special - we ended up going out for drinks after my junior high students performed their musical! What a sweet story!

blushingjoy said...

What a great story. I haven't thought about our engage-a-versary since we're newly engaged but that's a cool idea!! I'm going plan it as a surprise since I hardly ever do anything like that for him. In terms of suggestions - what about spending the day having a picnic overlooking an amazing view??