The China Conundrum : Part Duex

After I posted about my China Conundrum the other day I still had no idea what I was going to do (even after all my lovely reader comments J), so bring on Part Two!

As I mentioned, I will not be inheriting china from my mother or grandmother – this is because they don’t have any. Therefore, it goes without saying we never used it at holidays or special occasions growing up, which makes it difficult for me to see myself using it. My grandmother has great old pewter plates and my mother has some fabulous whiteware that we use for ‘special occasions’. My mother offered to give me the whiteware but she doesn’t have a complete set, she just has the plates (which I LOVE), but the line (and manufacturer) is discontinued and I would have to scour Ebay to find the rest of the pieces. Which I foresee getting expensive….fast. But this led me to thinking that maybe my china doesn’t have to be FINA china….maybe I could just get some great white china.

The Benefits:

  • Its less ‘formal’. I don’t ever foresee us hosting an event where a classic white plate would be unacceptable.
  • White presents food SO nicely.
  • Its less expensive than fine china, therefore I feel less guilty about putting it on our registry. (and won’t be furious when Mr. Gloss inevitably breaks something)
  • It can be easily mixed and matched with other bright pieces to create different looks.
  • It feels more ‘us’ and I don’t think our friends would feel uncomfortable eating off it, like they might with some of the patterns I posted the other day.
  • I can put it in the dishwasher….and the microwave :)

I love the modern, square plates – but I think I may not love them 25 years from now.

So, I’m leaning toward a more traditional plate – I haven’t seen them in person yet, but these are my favorites so far online.

Mikasa - Antique White

Villeroy & Boch - Country Heritage

Is anyone else opting for great whiteware rather than fine china?

Images from macys.com


Jillian said...

Have you looked into Fiesta? Their white color has been around since 1986, I can't imagine they would ever retire it. Simple and classic! http://www.hlchina.com

Anonymous said...

We are doing Fiesta for our everyday china!!