1 cake, 2 cake, white cake....blue cake?

I previously posted about my idea for a cake here. But my google reader is constantly bombarding me with additional inspiration and obviously I fell in love with another....(cake that is). So naturally, I want to 'marry' the two -

Previous cake of my dreams:

New cake:

Together: (poor photo montage by yours truly)

I think this cake fits the feel of our wedding better, it's not as fussy and feels at home with our nautical august wedding.

Don't worry - there will still be some form of cake DIY, and maybe even some DIY cake stands....

How much guidance/direction are you giving your baker?
Images: 1, 2


Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks great!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I love how you did that with the images!!! (They're both great...)

Krista said...

Um ... we don't have a baker. I'm ... baking my own cake.

I don't even own a hand mixer. I'll be borrowing my mom's.

I think I'm nuts.