a glossy wedding website...

One of our biggest DIY projects to date has been the creation of our wedding website -and to think I almost forgot to blog about it! A website was important for us since it will be a 'destination wedding' for roughly 90% of our guests. The pre-made wedding templates just really weren't cutting it for us, I think I searched them all and they just didn't feel 'us' - so, in true Glossy fashion, we made our own!
The concept of our website came from my wedding planning notebook. I have a small black moleskin notebook that I carry everywhere with me (because who knows when wedding inspiration will hit!) Its small enough that I can carry it all the time and barely know it's there, and holds all my random wedding thoughts, vendor contacts and everything else from the guest list to the style of the b.maid dresses.

Using a 'notebook' concept as the basis of our design, we came up with this as our intro page:
Our wedding is pretty small, everyone invited has known us for somewhere between 5 and 25 years. We've been together for almost 10 - so it's safe to say - they already 'know us', but we wanted a cute little page anyways: Some pages (like the reception page) are still 'incomplete':There are a few pages of suggestions for lodging like this:Since this was a 'DIY' website, we had no idea how to program a link to actually let people RSVP online, so we did this:Our location is an amazing place to be in the summer so we wanted to encourage people to make a vacation of it and let them know about all the great things to do in the area. There are a TON of pages in this section so I just pulled a few so you could get the idea:We also included registry information:So we bought a domain, and a hosting site, I created all the page layouts in Photoshop and Illustrator and then Mr. Gloss (yes he helped!!) used magic techie words to get the pictures and words to be 'clickable'. And thats about the extent of my knowledge on making websites - so, this post may not be that helpful unless you can create the images and outsource the 'techie' part to someone else. Or, you are gifted in the website making department-

Are you having a wedding website? Are you making your own? or using a template?


Mo said...

So impressed. This looks incredible!
We are also having a destination wedding (we're the only ones that live here,) so I am thinking about what to do for a website since it will be pretty important. I'd like to do it in blogger and just customize the banner so it's free!

jessica lynn said...

omg. i am so impressed!!! :) that is so so so so so awesome!

AmyJean said...

That is very cute! Ours is just a template from wedding tracker... not as creativity but it does the job!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...