Help from a PRO!

Guess what!! The wonderful Lo of Lo&Co offered up some fabulous make-up advice for me and my big day. I’ve been searching for someone to do my make-up but, seeing as we are getting married in the middle of nowhere, it has been a challenge – so I emailed Lo and asked if she had any advice!! (BTW she is SUPER sweet!) I figure I’ve got about 4 months to practice :)

Here was her response:

Miss Gloss,
You are too cute! You look really great without makeup, and it will be easy to make you look even more “natural” for your wedding. First of all, your eyes are gorgeous, and you have great skin and bone structure. Let’s just even out your skin tone and add a little definition and dimension. I love your inspirational photos and this is what I refer to as a “classic eye”. It is all about a sheer shimmer shadow and a tight liner across the top of the lid. False lashes can add extra glam. I did this eye on
Carissa in a previous post which has a detailed product list. The only difference is doing a pink lip instead of a deep berry.
I think this will be a great complement to your halter style dress and summer wedding venue. However, since you don’t wear a lot of makeup we need to see how comfortable you are with this eyeliner. I want you to go to a Bobbi Brown, M.A.C. or Stila counter with these photos and ask an artist to show you how to do this eyeliner. All of the aforementioned brands have a gel liner that is perfect for this and easier to use than liquid liner. I recommended trying a dark gray liner instead of black -it will be a little softer.
For the lip try out some of the
Bobbi Brown pink glosses layered over a lip pencil. I love Bobbi’s Petal, Pink Beige, and Rose Sugar gloss. I have used these on countless brides over a neutral lip pencil. You can adjust the color with the lip pencil. If you want more pink in your lip, go with a pinker liner or for more depth use a darker pencil under the pink gloss. Experiment and find out what you feel best in.
Finally, if you feel that the liner is too strong you can smudge the liner and soften the look. Simply apply a medium gray shadow (
M.A.C’s Print shadow) on a small eye shadow brush, and blend it into the liner. This creates a smudged smoky line which many women feel more comfortable in. There is no perfect look for everyone; it is all about what you feel best in. Trust your instincts, and don’t worry, as an expert I guarantee you are going to look gorgeous no matter what!


You can see the whole post on her blog here or here on WB PRO! (And check out all her other great tips too!!)
This is me, sans make-up after a LONG day of work…just so she could see what we are working with here.

After I got her response I went STRAIGHT to Nordstroms after work and picked up her suggested products with a little help from the Bobbie Brown girl – It took like 2 hours to find the right undereye concealer/corrector at Bobbi Brown, but I think we finally got it right.
@ MAC : blitz & glitz gel liner, lingering eyebrow pencil, and print eyeshadow
@ Bobbi Brown: Concealer Kit in Ivory, Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque, Blush in Slopes, and Lip Gloss in Aubergine
I decided to wait on foundation since my skin color will most likely be tanner by the time August roles around. So here's what it kinda looks like. Mind you – I did this myself (except for the undereye corrector) and I'm not sure about the lip color yet, it definitely looked better at the store, now I feel like it might be too much - but the light pinks all looked really coral-y and not so great. I'm also not sure about the liner on the bottom lash - but I knew I needed things to be heavier to show up better for pictures.

What do you guys think? Will you be doing your own make-up for the big day?

SIDENOTE: I LOVE the gel eyeliner!!


Kristin said...

i just had my makeup done tuesday and i'm so excited about it! yes, i'm doing my own makeup because i just panic at the thought of someone doing my makeup, then leaving and then some makeup disaster arising and i can't fix it myself! so, i'm doing it myself! i love your makeup! you look really gorgeous!


Marie said...

I think the make-up is great. It looks soft but highlights your amazing eyes and is dressed up natural. Might have to look into that MAC eyeliner!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks great! When your hair is done it will all come together reallyl nicely!

Abbie said...

I like it! I don't think the lipstick looks off at all. It photographs really well.