Who Scheduled Hurricane Season on My Honeymoon? Part 3

As of “Who Scheduled Hurricane Season on My Honeymoon” post #2, we were leaning towards somewhere a little ‘closer to home’, this location tentatively being western Mexico. It was priced right, had great resorts and gorgeous beaches and since it’s located on the pacific side it is supposedly ‘outside’ of the hurricane zone. Plus, I love me some margaritas :).

Check out the St. Regis @ Punta de Mita – In the words of Tina Fey, 'I want to go to there'....(really really bad!!)

I even bought the perfect oversized floppy beach hat from Urban Outfitters. (It's even more floppy in real life.)
And now (and probably then too, but it was less publicized) there decided to be a Swine Flu outbreak. So I fully declare this is NOT fair. Not only do I have to deal with hurricane season but swine flu as well?

Is the recent outbreak causing you to rethink your honeymoon plans?

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1 comment:

Kiana said...

Yes! Mine is now less than 3 wks away and I'm freaking about having to change plans!