on weight loss...

I abhor running, and going to the gym in general, but mostly running. So the whole 'getting in shape and toned-up' for the wedding thing hasn't really been working that well.
It's not even just my mindset, my body hates running, so much so that my airway passages close up after running for a mile because my body knows it would rather deprive itself of oxygen and die rather than continue to run. Yes, my body physically rejects all forms of exercise.
I really enjoy pilates, but my schedule is generally too chaotic to attend regular classes at the gym. To top it off, I get really discouraged if the weight doesn't come off quickly, which only compounds the issue even though I understand thats not really how it works.
So, a few months ago I made Mr. Gloss join the gym with me. Having a work-out buddy helped a lot, we motivated each other to go when the other felt lazy, etc. Then Mr. Gloss went dropped like 15lbs. in a little over a month (note: we went to the gym equally), and has lost around another 5 since then. How come boys can loose weight so easily? It's really unfair. And again (since I clearly have not lost 20lbs.) I became frustrated and lost motivation.
I know part of the issue is that I get bored, exercise is not enjoyable for me and not interesting - I get bored even watching TV while running on the treadmill.

So ladies, what do you do to keep it interesting? Where do you find your motivation?


Marie said...

I really struggle with this, generally I find that varying works and too tight trousers! They're pretty good motivation for me...

And yes it kills me that boys lose weight so much more quickly. Just not fair!

Stephanie said...

I know how you feel! It can get fustrating! What helped me was also going with a buddy. The key was getting in to the routine and habit of going everyday. When i would miss a day it would ruin my whole day. Took me a while but it worked!