The China Conundrum...

I have been going back and forth on whether to add formal china to our registry.
Right now we live in an apartment, and even though we have a built in china hutch, it is filled with other things as space is precious. We could store it at my parent's house, except for maybe a few settings for us, until we get our own house. But I've heard you should only register for things you are going to use NOW, since your tastes may be very different 5 years from now. How am I supposed to purchase something and know I will love it for the rest of my life? Is it like a child? Do I love it automatically and unconditionally because it's my 'wedding china' and it reminds me of the day I married my best friend?
I know I want china someday - and when does one get china other than as a wedding gift? At the same time, it's so expensive and I feel greedy and guilty asking for it in such a terrible economy.
But it's sooo pretty and delicate. Eating off it, even if it is just grilled cheese, could make a bad day better. Plus, neither my mom nor grandmother have china so it would not be passed down to me at a later date. We could purchase it ourselves as an anniversary gift after our first year of marriage, but I think we are too practical for that. Hopefully (fingers crossed) we will have a house by then and I'm sure I would rather have new appliances rather than $1,000 worth of dishes. So really, it's now or never -

If we do decide to register, I've been eyeing:
Ralph Lauren - VowsMartha Stewart for Wedgewood - French Knot in Silverand
Vera Wang - GrosgrainIf I get china do I have to get crystal to go with it?
Are you registering for formal china?

*all images from macys.com


Christy said...

I think crystal is totally up to you. Is it something you would use with the china? You might be able to find some awesome glasses at Target that would work just the same.

I have already been "passed down" a complete set of china, crystal, and silver, so we won't be registering for it!

Amy said...

This is definitely a personal preference, but a decision that I didn't hesitate to make when we registered for china last year (coincidentally for the grosgrain pattern you have pictured). I have great memories of eating holiday dinners off of my mother's or great-grandmother's china sets. Ever if I only use my own set every now and then, I wanted my own to enjoy, make memories with and maybe pass on someday. I figured I wouldn't ever buy it if I didn't register for it. It's obv. up to the guests if they want to buy it or not, but can't hurt if you ask me.