Who scheduled Hurricane Season on My Honeymoon?: Part 2

Back to the search for a honeymoon location without torrential downpours, because I don't want to be like this bride:

Part One Here-
So, after we nixed most of the faraway/exotic locations, we turned our search back around to find a place a little closer to home, so we wouldn’t have to spend a day (or two) on travel alone. We found a few islands that are reportedly outside of the ‘hurricane zone’.

Option #1: The ABC Islands –

The ‘ABC’ islands are Aruba, Bonaire, and Curcuao. They lay just south of the projected hurricane zone and rarely get hit with the downpours and torrential winds I was concerned about. These islands boast ‘world class diving’ opportunities, we have never seriously dove before but I’ve heard you can take a 3-day course and get certified – which could be really fun. Also, it is easy to travel between the islands, and what sounds like more fun than 'Island Hopping' on your honeymoon? I hadn’t heard of the other two (B & C) before I did a search for Aruba, but I see the poster ads for Aruba everyday on the T and apparently there are 90,000 friends there I haven’t met yet….

Option #2: Bermuda –

Also said to be outside of the hurricane zone, but north of it. Although the island boasts pink sand beaches and a short travel time I don’t think this is the option for us. It just seems a little too close, like maybe someplace we would go on vacation with our kids someday. Mr. Gloss is a proponent of Bermuda since it boasts more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world - I however, merely make an attempt to golf so I get to drive the golf cart and wear Lily P.

Plus, there is always the chance our plane could get lost in the Bermuda triangle.

Option #3: Hawaii –

Still somewhat a long flight, but no chance of hurricane season here! Amazing beaches, the ability to visit multiple islands and lush surroundings everywhere you look - whats not to like? But, for some reason I’ve never really been drawn to Hawaii, although everyone I know that has been loved it. Again, it seems like a likely 'vacation spot' down the road and not the exotic honeymoon retreat we are looking for.

Plus, I love getting new stamps on my passport, and I wouldn’t get any if we went here. :(

So, no decisions yet - but we are getting closer!

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Mike and Elaina said...

My fiance and I are leaning towards Curcuao (10.24.09 wedding date). She just wants to relax on the beach but we both don't want to do the whole "Hawaii" thing.

GREAT blog by the way!