My spanx will bring all the boys to the yard...

Um, well hopefully not ALL of them, but I’m crossing my fingers for one in particular (that’s you Mr. Gloss).

As we discussed here, my work-out regimen is not going so hot, so I figure the next best thing to actual weight loss is a weight loss illusion...i.e. SPANX!!

Hey – a girl is allowed to have a little help right? Fake it till you make it ladies.Who knew there were so many SPANX options? The girl at Nordstrom was SUPER helpful – we had a very informative Q&A:

Q: Will I have a muffin top around my leg where the Spanx stop? (Because let’s face it, the only thing worse than a regular muffin top is a mid-thigh muffin top).

A: Nope, the Spanx are sewn all the way back up to the top of the leg, so there is no seam on the thigh itself.

Q: Is it going to slide down as I’m walking/dancing/standing/sitting?

A: It might, if you don’t pull it up all the way in the back. Pull it up all the way in the back and you will be fine, tuck it under your bra strap if you can, or at least make sure it is as high as that, and there will be no slippage.

Q: Um, my dress doesn’t go up that far in the back – is it going to be an issue if I wear them lower? (and by issue, I mean extra muffin-top)

A: No – your rib-cage is pretty thin, so you shouldn’t have a problem by wearing them lower. *Internal thoughts: What? Me? Something thin? - I heart you saleslady*

Q: Do you have any? Do you love them?

A: Yes and yes. I wear them every day (pulls up dress to prove it).

I opted for the mid-thigh to boob option in nude a.k.a. "Higher Power"– thinking it will be the most useful pre and post wedding. I haven’t tried it on with my dress yet to see if it makes a difference, but it’s actually pretty comfy. And as all comfy and controlling things go – it’s pretty much everything BUT that cute stand-alone jaw-dropping sexy garment you want to be secretly hidden under your perfect dress for um, post-wedding twister.

Um, yeah – see the difference? Do you think Mr. Gloss will notice?

Is anyone else signed up for a little wedding day assistance?

Images: 1 & 2 from spanx.com, 3 from La Perla.com

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Anonymous said...

Good for you - you will look real hot in your spanx