a glossy garter...

Mr. Gloss has been traveling a lot for work so it has given me time to complete some of the more ‘secret’ wedding projects.....(namely, the garter, and a potential veil). And then some non-groom secret wedding things too (ex. flower for my hair and bridesmaid jewelry). So welcome to my Mr.Gloss-is-gone-craft-a-thon.

First up : the garter

As seems to occur with all my DIY projects – the first try is to just try and figure things out. Knowing that the first attempt will most likely not really come out the way I had anticipated, I’ve been remembering to plan ahead and purchase extra supplies. So, this is actually garter attempt round two, as the first one came out looking like a giant ivory satin scrunchie and was actually really uncomfortable to wear even for the four minutes I was walking around the apartment with it on. I am even too embarrassed to post pictures of it since it nowhere near resembles a ‘garter’ but rather an over-the-top wedding accessory from the early 90’s. Yikes!

So back to the drawing board I went. I re-evaluated the situation and brainstormed what backfired with round one:

1. It was waay to large. *Now I know to measure the size of the elastic so that it is a comfortable tightness around your thigh and add just a smidgen to be able to sew the ends of the elastic together.

2. Pearl edging rubbing along your thighs is not comfy. *Eliminated, unless of course your thighs do not rub together like mine and in that case, I’m jealous.

3. Following garter directions that ultimately said ‘You can also use this method to make hair accessories!’ *Disregarded pattern, now improving garter design.

4. Round one had a satin covered elastic band (like I need more bulk on my thighs!!), so in round two I opted for stretchy lace to create a smoother profile.

I measured, cut and sewed a simple circle of the stretchy elastic lace and trimmed off the excess. (Test width around thigh and tighten if required.)

Next, I made a simple grosgrain bow using the fabulous directions from Mrs. Emerald’s invites (except I sewed mine together, rather than using double-sided tape for durability purposes). The sewing machine was already out, otherwise I may have been tempted to just use hot glue :)

First, I attached a cute button I found at Mood when I was in NY just to add a splash of color.

I don’t want to carry a bag around on my wedding day, so I knew I would need a place to store the ultimate accessory.....my lip gloss! So I sewed a little satin pocket and attached it to the rest of the garter. Then I sewed the bow to the garter base (aka stretchy lace) in the middle and on both ends (otherwise they flopped around).

I may attach a small piece of Velcro to ensure the pocket stays closed – but that is still to be determined!

Have you personalized any of your wedding accessories?

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Marie said...

I didn't but that looks amazing and what a great idea for the pocket too!