what would you eat?

So, we have booked our caterer – everyone says her food is fantastic and her prices are great. We decided on a buffet set-up since the event will be pretty laid back. Our caterer is VERY flexible, maybe too flexible for us to handle. How is this possible you ask?

Well, when discussing menu options our guidelines were as follows:
“I can make you anything you want”…..”except fish” (which I understand as it is difficult to cook evenly in large quantities when you don’t have a kitchen….yes, our venue lacks a kitchen.)
Apparently, when one has the option to have anything, it is quite overwhelming. We have no idea where to start really. We’ll that’s a lie – we know there will be chicken, and there will be some type of red meat. But ‘grilled chicken’ doesn’t really sound that appealing – it needs to be jazzed up somehow.

I ‘jazzed up’ some of the sides:
Potatoes = Rosemary infused oven roasted baby potatoes with sea salt.
Salad = Mixed greens with fresh-picked cherry tomatoes and aged parmesan tossed with a sherry vinaigrette.

So Hive – help a bee out, pretty, pretty please? What are some of your favorite dishes? What are you serving at your wedding?

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Christy said...

Our caterer had an AMAZING chicken dish - it had peppers and two different kinds of cheese on top. We decided it wouldn't work for us, but it was so delicious!