two months salary....

According to theweddingchannel.com (and many other websites), the recommended cost of an engagement ring is equivalent to two months salary. Washington based artist Lee Gainer developed a series of prints called "Two Months Salary" where each print lists a profession (anesthesiologist, farmer, referee, etc.), and then shows images of the engagement rings that people in that profession could afford to purchase if they used up two months’ worth of their wages.
You can see the rest of the series here -
I think this is pretty fascinating and I would love to see another series where they photograph actual rings from these professions.

What do you guys think? How do your rings stack up compared to the others in the industry?


Costume Diva said...

Personally I think its ridiculous to put a "should spend" parameter on anything, engagement rings or wedding budgets! I think it should be whatever you are comfortable with as a couple. My honey spent way less than two months salary on my ring because it was the one I loved best! Now we have a little more in the bank for our future home down payment! But, thats just us ;-)

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it's the 'wedding industry' getting to us again - but if you notice, there are beautiful rings in each catergory (and hideous ones too)! To each his own!