Who scheduled Hurricane season on My Honeymoon?: Part 1

It just seems like cruel irony that the heavy wedding season coincides with hurricane season in the Bahamas/Caribbean. I blame it on the wedding industry – I’m not sure how, but clearly they figured out some way to rule out all the more budget friendly islands (via terrible weather) forcing us to travel further and spend more for our retreats. They are clearly very tricky people, (I know this because they convinced me I needed to spend $8ea. on something called a Chivari chair.)

Mr. Gloss and I have been researching honeymoon escapes and would like something more along the lines of the second image rather than the first. We could wait until hurricane season ends – but honestly, if we don’t go right after our wedding, we will probably never get around to it. Also, I think I’m definitely going to need a break after the whole wedding thing goes down. Wanting to avoid all chances of being destroyed by a potential hurricane on our honeymoon, I immediately started brainstorming locations other than due South (Caribbean/Bahamas/Mexico).

The Tentative List:

Philippines/Thailand: I think of an exotic location, luxury resorts and cheap ($5) massages on the beach. Mr. Gloss thinks of drinking water in undeveloped countries and ending up like Charlotte on SATC. Also, I heard Asia was super humid in the summer which crosses it off my list as I am CHG (curly hair girl) and don’t want to look like a troll in any pics we may take.

Europe: I lived in Florence for about 5 months and basically used it like a home base for traveling about Europe, Mr. Gloss visited and I dragged him around on a speed tour of Europe after which he was thoroughly exhausted. I heart Europe, but not for our honeymoon – there is just too much I want to see and do that I wouldn’t be able to relax.

Australia & French Polynesia: Not totally eliminated yet; but will most likely be crossed off the list due to extensive flight times. Mr. Gloss is almost worse than a 3-year old when it comes to sitting down for an extended period of time.

Up Next: We try to determine exactly where the ‘hurricane zone’ is – and if we can get away with a closer locale.

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Amber said...

my parents we to Hawaii in both March & Decemeber - had beautiful weather both times.

They also went to the Caymen Islands during Aug or Sept (can't remember) and had no problems.

Jenny said...

Wow... that last picture is making me rethink our Moroccan honeymoon. How beautiful! Hmmm... maybe we could go for the 5 year anniversary!

Thanks for making me drool all over my computer. :)

Krista said...

at least you're thinking of this ahead of time. there are so many people who realize after they've booked that it's hurricane season.

Kristy Goldman said...

Is that last place real?! It's gorgeous!

AmyJean said...

Ohhh french polynesia... lovely!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great choices! We have dreamed of going to Australia and Fiji since it's by there...